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About ISMG

In Sweden first generation immigrants are 15.4% of the total population, with the second generation they are 20.1% (SCB 2012) and with the third generation they are approaching one quarter of the population. Most Swedish companies have difficulties in overcoming cultural and language barriers to address a quarter of the population!

ISMG is a global tribe, consisting of highly educated and skilled individuals specialized in Sales & Marketing. Our tribe offers diversity, creativity, and insight into immigrant communities. They come from Europe, Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, and Russia. All tribe members are multi-lingual. Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Omar Khan
    Omar KhanCEOOmar Khan holds MSc in Marketing and MSc in Business & Economics from Linnaeus Univeristy in Sweden. He gained his experience in business management by working with multi-nationals like Nokia, Suzuki and TRG USA. As the CEO of ISMG his vision is to deliver client satisfaction with qualitative results while increasing long-term value for shareholders. 
  • Melinda Nagy
    Melinda NagyCFO - Board MemberMs Melinda Nagy is currently working as an Inquiry officer at the Child, Youth and Education Office in Solna City, Stockholm. She specializes in International administration from Växjö University, and she has had the experience of working with administration in Växjö Municipality. At ISMG she overlooks the Accounts and the Administration department.
  • Sarah Philipson
    Sarah PhilipsonMarketing - Board MemberDr Sarah Philipson is Assistant Professor at the University of Gävle and the Linnaeus University in Sweden. Apart from 16 years as an academic teacher she has worked as management consultant and senior executive in Scandinavian industry. She has been working as CEO, Group vice-president, CFO and Marketing manager in companies like ABB, Aftonbladet, Esselte and Telia. Currently she is working with marketing and serving as the Board member at ISMG.

Our processes

ISMG specializes in Action Marketing. The term Action Marketing includes Modern Sampling, Event Management, and Micro-Business Trade. Action Marketing fulfills all action marketing needs of our clients in one business package. ISMG helps our clients to formulate strategies and chose target groups. Reaching the target market directly, enhances our clients’ customer base.

Action Marketing

Action Marketing is purely based on the customers’ needs and interests on one hand, and the marketing organizations objectives on the other. It is quite opposite to traditional marketing approaches, in which you first create a campaign for a product or a service and then attempt to find the interested customers for the proposition.

Modern Sampling

ISMG finds the target markets, for which specific campaigns are designed.  Modern Sampling is done based on the demographics, cultural context and physical environment. This gives the best results in the shortest time possible.

Event Management

For our clients ISMG manages events, where relationship building is the key focus, while campaign marketing at the same time. The relationships built ensure a long lasting bond between our clients and their customers.

Micro Business Trade

Word of Mouth has shown to give a great impact on the positioning of the brand. ISMG helps our clients to get their products recommended and represented by immigrant Micro-Business owners. ISMG maintains these relationships on behalf of our clients.


Globalization is at everyone’s doorstep. One of the most famous Marketing professors, Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad at University of Michigan, was born in India. He wrote about how the Indian surgeons invented cataract surgery for the Indian poor for 1/50 of the cost of such surgery in the west. And about Airtel, the Indian mobile telecom provider that provides phone time for $0.01 per minute.

Swedish Immigrant communities are not just a poorer segment of the Swedish population, but by inventing products, services, and experiences specifically addressing their needs, it is possible to become sustainably competitive. ISMG is your partner in such strategy development and their operational execution!



At ISMG we are always looking for talented people to join our tribe. Do you have a degree or experience of Marketing and building relationships with customers? Do you enjoy working in a team where the job is done with a smile? Do you always put the customer first? Then please send us your CV, if we feel that you are what is missing from our tribe we will definitely contact you for an interview. If you can please attach a picture of yourself with your CV and do not forget to give us correct contact information. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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